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Structure & Guidelines

Age & Course Guidelines
Overview of school curriculum structure
Lesson allocation by subject & year group

Admission – Checklist

Official Documentation (for all applicants)

  • Online or paper application form (this will be provided by the Admissions Department)
  • A photocopy of valid Visa for non-EU students.

  • A photocopy of the identity document of both parents.
  • A photocopy of the identity document of the account holder who will be accountable for school fees if this is not the child’s parent.
  • An official medical certificate indicating the child has no infectious or contagious diseases.
  • A photocopy of vaccination book.

  • Two passport size colour photographs.
  • End of year school reports for the last two years (if appropriate).
  • A photocopy of either the birth certificate, the “Libro de Familia”, identity card or passport of the child.

A-Level Application

Download the Application form for Willow A-Level

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school hours?2021-05-18T15:16:29+02:00

9.00 am to 3.00 pm hrs

How many pupils are there at Willow International School?2021-11-03T15:52:59+01:00

Capacity is 100

How many pupils are there in each class?2021-05-18T15:17:10+02:00

There are 14 pupils permitted per class to enable increased 1-1 provision as compared to British/Spanish mainstream education.

What is the ratio of international students at the school?2021-05-18T15:17:30+02:00

60% English and within the 40% international students we have nationalities including pupils from Scotland, Sweden, ice-land, Venezuela and others.

Which curriculum does the school follow?2021-05-18T15:17:58+02:00

The English National Curriculum.

Are the teachers British?2021-05-18T15:18:16+02:00

All academic staff teaching the English National Curriculum are qualified British teachers and in the case of French and Spanish, qualified native speaking teachers.

Does WIA accept students with little or no English?2021-05-18T15:18:38+02:00

There are a limited number of places for non-English speaking Primary pupils between the ages of 6 and 9 of proven academic ability. From the age of 10 onwards new pupils must have a high level of English to enter the school. A good knowledge of the English Language is preferential.

What language do the children speak in the playground?2021-05-18T15:18:57+02:00

Overall, most of our students speak English/Spanish in the playground. Because of this, we find that new children joining the school with little, or no knowledge of the Spanish language, pick it up very quickly.

Will my child learn Spanish at WIS?2023-01-19T13:45:39+01:00

All students at WIS study Spanish. This language provision runs throughout the school from key stage 1 to 4.

What other languages are available?2021-05-18T15:19:34+02:00

From year 7 students are taught French with the option in year 9 to continue with the iGCSE course.

Is religion part of the curriculum?2021-05-18T15:20:16+02:00

As an international multicultural school, we introduce our students to different religions and cultures and teach them moral values as part of our SMSC provision, based on the western Christian tradition, but which tend to be common to all religions. At Christmas we celebrate Christian activities such as Christmas plays and Carol singing. Parents are given an option to remove their child from any lessons which encompass religious study.

What sports are available?2021-05-18T15:20:31+02:00

The WIA is able to offer a wide range of sporting activities including football (7 and 5-a-side pitches), basketball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics, badminton, athletics, and swimming.

How much homework is set?2021-05-18T15:21:02+02:00

In the Key Stage One children will be expected to read regularly at home (English and Spanish), they will have weekly spelling words to learn and will be set some basic maths homework, much of the homework will be set depending on the current cohort requirements.

In Key Stage Two as in Key Stage One, children are expected to read regularly (English and Spanish), they will have weekly spelling words to learn and will be set maths and Spanish homework, the homework linked to the British Curriculum will be set using both paper-based & online resources. On occasion children will also be set project homework linked to the topics being studied.

In the Secondary Department pupils are set purposeful, relevant homework tasks on a regular basis. In years 7-9 pupils should expect to be doing no more than ½ hour – 1 hour of homework a night. In Years 10 and 11 the amount of homework would increase to 1 – 1 ½ hours.

What examinations do students take at the school?2021-05-18T15:21:29+02:00

The qualification provider for Willow International Academy is Pearson Edexcel – iGCSE

How well do new international students adapt to the school?2021-05-18T15:23:05+02:00

Students at Willow International Academy are used to welcoming newcomers and are always very friendly and helpful. Year Group tutors make sure that “buddies” are always on hand to show newcomers the ropes at first. We always encourage new pupils to make new friends and join in with the rest of the school.

How do I go about applying for a place for my child?2021-05-18T15:24:27+02:00

The first step in the admissions process is to send in an online enquiry form with full details of the pupil in question. The procedures for admission vary slightly according to the age of the candidate. We require the application form and copies of most recent school reports.

Once these reports are received, we invite all parents and children to view the school through a personalised appointment. Secondary students are required to sit baseline assessments in English Maths and Science.

Please use the online enquiry form or contact our admissions clerk on the following:

Telephone: (+34) 865 758 026
Mobile: (+34) 602 490 917

What are the Monthly fees for tuition at Willow International School?2021-11-03T15:52:34+01:00

Please click on the School fees tab – for the current Schedule of School Fees.

Enquire Online

As Willow International School it is open for admissions the whole year round. We are always delighted to meet with parents and show them around the school throughout the year.

Due to the high demand for places at Willow International School, the admissions process is selective. Priority is given to children with a good level of English, with brothers or sisters already studying at Willow and to former students and their children.

For further information, please use the online contact form or contact directly by:

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