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School Uniform

Black shorts or trousers
Grey school polo shirt
Black Shoes or all black pumps/trainers

Black knee length skirt or shorts
Grey school polo shirt
Black shoes or all black pumps/trainers

No trainers to be worn in class, girls’ skirts or shorts MUST be knee length and no shorter.
All students are expected to always adhere to the school uniform policy.
Jewellery is not to be worn in school and make-up must be kept to a minimum.

School Meals  

Children to bring their own Packed Lunch to school

Extra Curricular Activities

Through extra-curricular activities, students not only gain knowledge but develop all their capacities, such as social, physical and emotional skills. Furthermore, they enhance their bond with Willow International Academy, improve their independence and self-esteem and begin to foster responsibility for the management of their free time. They socialise with pupils from different classes and strengthen their relationships throughout the school.

It is our desire to personalise the development of our students and that is why we offer a wide range of Optional Activities, from Sport or Music to Pedagogic activities. The activities take place during lunchtime and in some cases, after school. These Activities are optional and are taught by qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers, who provide a fun learning experience for the students whilst enriching the students Spiritual, Moral, Social and cultural (SMSC) values.

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Uninterrupted Excellence during Extraordinary Times

We guarantee uninterrupted education through our high-quality and agile Learning Programme. Our educational model and lesson delivery, allows us to offer a first-class on-site learning environment, which can be complemented with virtual learning should the need arise. Our approach to education ensures a consistent and solid learning path for each student amidst this ever-changing landscape. All required health and safety measures have been carefully implemented, while being conscious to ensure that we maintain a happy and welcoming learning atmosphere.

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